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In this development period, Active learning is a good way for children to develop vital skills, knowledge and a positive attitude to learning. It is also a core part of a curriculum for excellence in the early years of childcare setting.

Using both real-life and play situations, active learning engages and challenges children’s thinking. It takes advantage of spontaneous play, purposeful play, investigating and exploring, events and life experiences as well as focused learning and teaching as opportunities for learning. It can be supported through sensitive intervention to support or extend learning.

Why Active Learning?

In our modern day learning environment, every parent wants to develop their child as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. That’s why Active learning helps to maintain student concentration and deepens learning towards the higher-level skills like critical thinking. It also helps to engage students who might otherwise struggle composition, creative writing and seek for English tuition.

Active learning embraces the holistic development of each child as an individual and fulfill their emotional, spiritual, physical and cognitive needs. It is a natural way of engaging children in their learning, helping them to make connections between learning and fostering their needs.

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Agape learning lab in Singapore focus and encourage our students to exercise critical thinking in our Active learning classes. And its Pilot staff identified the benefits for your child in the following ways:

  1. Flexible, child-orientated approach to teaching and learning.
  2. Learning through experience, hands-on approach.
  3. Active learning engages all children in the learning process.
  4. It allows children of varying abilities to ‘work’ successfully at their own pace.
  5. Learning is set in a context, which is often cross-curricular, making it more meaningful to the children. Learning becomes FUN!
  6. Children are therefore motivated to learn and take more responsibility for what and how they learn.

The Principal of Active Learning

  1. The staff has a key role to play in taking children’s learning forward through sensitive intervention and skilled questioning when appropriate.
  2. Active learning should promote children’s positive attitudes towards learning and promote links with the home environment.
  3. Children should develop independence and responsibility by being encouraged to make choices about their own learning.
  4. Active learning should provide children with a social environment through which to develop the four capacities.

Active Learning is a more natural way for children to learn. It engages the children in their learning because it allows them to learn from experience. What they are learning makes more sense. It is also easy to cater for all levels of ability.

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